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boredpanda - The Best Pictures Of 2021 Drone Photo Awards Have Been Announced, A

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LINK - The Best Pictures Of 2021 Drone Photo Awards Have Been Announced, And They’re Truly Powerful

Marco M. - Communitymember

A flock of thousands of pink-footed geese flying over snow-covered ground, immortalized by the Norwegian photographer Terje Kolaas, is the overall winner of the Drone Awards 2021, the main international contest of aerial photography. The image, titled Pink-Footed Geese Meeting the Winter, was shot in central Norway and portrays geese flying towards Svalbard, in the Arctic, with the landscape still covered with snow. The birds’ early arrival is likely linked to climate change. The photo was selected from tens of thousands of images submitted by photographers from 102 countries and, together with the first-place shots classified in the eight categories of the Drone Photo Awards, will be showcased in the "Above Us Only Sky" exhibition, scheduled in Siena from October 23rd to December 5th as part of the Siena Awards festival dedicated to the visual arts.

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#1 Duoyishu Terraces By Ran Tian (Highly Commended In Abstract Category)

"A spectacular aerial view of the famous Duoyishu terraces where rice is grown. The shades of colors of the different levels of the rice fields create a unique effect."

#2 Back To Adventure By Qasim Al Farsi (1st Place In Wildlife Category)

"A green turtle heading back to the water after laying down eggs in her peaceful nest at Oman coastline between Ras Al Jinz and Rashad turtle reserve."

#3 Passaggio Sospeso By Paolo Crocetta (Highly Commended In Urban Category)

"The Vaccanonesa is a small train that connects the city of Trento with the villages of Val di Non and Val di Sole in Trentino. During its ride through the apple orchards, the train makes this breathtaking passage above a gorge over 150 meters high."

#4 Colorful Terraces By Tuan Nguyen Tan (Highly Commended In Series Category)

"Every year in May, during the pouring season in the terraced rice fields, the water pours from one field to another, merging with the color of the earth and the clouds in the sky. The light reflections that are created on the surface of the water mix together to create colorful images."

#5 Hippopotamus Group From Above By Talib Almarri (Highly Commended In Wildlife Category)

"Hippopotamus group from above creating an amazing pattern. All hippos are adults except one baby who is in the center."

#6 Pray For Souls By Phu Khanh Bui (Highly Commended In People Category)

"In the full moon of July, as part of the Vietnamese culture, women put on the traditional costumes called "Ao Dai" to join the colored lantern and flower-garland releasing festival on the river to pray for happiness and good luck to their families. May the souls of their dead relatives and the souls of all the faithful departed rest in peace in heaven."

#7 Camel Shadows At Sunset By Jim Picôt (Highly Commended In Nature Category)

"Flying the drone over the ocean, I spotted the approaching camels, with human guests on board, and noticed the beautiful light, and shadows, and also the eloquent wave patterns on the shoreline."

#8 Metaphorical Statement About City And Winter By Sergei Poletaev (1st In Urban Category)

"A 500-year-old monastery in the Moscow region and a large power plant in the background. The steam from the cooling towers is particularly dense due to severe frost."

#9 Henningsvær By Nando Harmsen (Highly Commended In Urban Category)

"The football field of the fishing town called Henningsvær at Lofoten is a special one. The green artificial grass stands out from the winter landscape. Would you dare to play here?"

#10 Polar Bear Hunting By Florian Ledoux (Highly Commended In Wildlife Category)

"Polar bear hunting seal from an iceberg in Svalbard during the summer while the sea ice is gone all the way north to 83°N."

#11 Buddhists Are Praying By Khanh Phan (Highly Commended In People Category)

"Thousands of Buddhists are praying on the occasion of the New Year at Hoang Phap pagoda in Hoc Mon District. They light thousands of candles and pray in the night."

#12 Pink-Footed Geese Meeting The Winter By Terje Kolaas (Photo Of The Year)

"Thousands of pink-footed geese roost in central Norway in spring, on their way to the breeding grounds on Svalbard in the Arctics. Probably because of climate change, they arrive earlier every year and often the ground and the fields where they feed are covered by snow when they arrive. The geese tend to use the same paths, so when waiting for them in the air with a drone, photos like this one are possible."

#13 Pure Power By Phil De Glanville (Highly Commended In Nature Category)

"Like people, each wave has a unique journey with the power to inspire. Photo captured off the southwest coast of Western Australia."

#14 Extragalactic By Martin Sanchez (1st Place In Nature Category)

"The intense and glorious moments during an erupting volcano with an exclusive view from the inside. Captured in Iceland."

#15 The Great Divide By Janessa Anderson (Runner-Up In Nature Category)

"Ice sheets drift apart on a glacial-fed lake providing a brief opportunity for exploration. With one path to continue moving forward, moving towards hope, this vast expanse of ice provides a look into the power and grandeur that nature possesses."

#16 Caleidoscopio By Paolo Crocetta (Runner-Up In Abstract Category)

"This shot was inspired by the colorful patterns of the Navajo people. The bright colors of the containers and the diagonals created by the play of light and shadow give life to an interesting pattern."

#17 Habitat By Henrique Murta (Highly Commended In Series Category)

"This series is about human architecture rising up from the wild. Nature, in its finest shape, with a human touch that ends up adding balance to the scene. Places where humans live inside dream lands. I am essentially a nature photographer, and the search for pure nature’s beauty has been one of my main life goals for more than ten years. Along this search path, I got surprised a few times by getting driven into a deep state of joy when finding balance between the natural landscape and human elements. That is usually not very common, and when it happens, it is worth taking some time to contemplate. And that is the idea of this series: I would like to invite your eyes to perceive all the elements of these complex compositions, and the way they fit to one another."

#18 Gold At The End Of The Rainbow By Phil De Glanville (1st Place In Sports Category)

"I found gold at the end of this rainbow as a surfer, Ollie Henry, escapes a monster wave off the coast of South West Western Australia."

#19 One-Shot By Lampson Karmin Yip (Highly Commended In Sports Category)

"Hong Kong basketball player Hui Huen Hang Hyman practicing his shoot during Siu Hei sports ground opening event on July 4, 2020."

#20 Verso L'infinito Insieme A Te By Matteo Originale (1st Place In Wedding Category)

"Marina di Pisa, a late summer evening at sunset... I spotted those clouds on the horizon and I decided to place the couple towards their infinity full of love."

#21 Poisoned River By Gheorghe Popa (1st In Abstract Category)

"This is a detailed photograph of one of the small rivers filled with poison. 'Poisoned Beauty' is a personal project that tells the story of the natural disaster in the Apuseni Mountains, but in a beautifully abstract way. This abstract colorful pattern is created by nature combined with the chemical waste resulted from the copper and gold mining process."

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#22 Space Invaders By Gilad Topaz (Highly Commended In Urban Category)

"White parasols at the beach of the Dead Sea. I was flying my drone at the beach when I noticed a field of parasols in a beautiful shape."

#23 Beach Season By Alexandr Vlassyuk (Runner-Up In People Category)

"I took this picture in February 2021, on ice hummocks at the Kapchagai reservoir in the Almaty region. The air temperature on that day was -10 degrees Celcius; for our region and season it could be called warm, and so, without waiting for summer, we decided to open the beach season!"

#24 The Mighty Ruacana By Jan Roode (Highly Commended In Nature Category)

"The Kunene River travels through Angola and surges over a mighty precipice on the Namibian border at the Ruacana waterfalls. Here a young baobab tree clings to a rocky outcrop as the waters of the Ruacana rage around it."

#25 Natural Bride By Krzysztof Krawczyk (Highly Commended In Wedding Category)

"The power of nature! Used fallen tree. Lake, tree, and an extremely brave bride. Abstraction combined with the beauty of nature and fantastic autumn climate."

#26 Blanketed In Fire Retardant By Adrees Latif (1st In Series Category)

"In 2020, Oregon bore the brunt of nearly 100 major wildfires raging across the Western United States, one of the most destructive on state record. On the morning of September 8, flames from a human-caused fire started in nearby Ashland. Driven by over 40 mph winds, the Almeda fire quickly spread through retirement communities, trailer home parks, malls and businesses. In just a few hours, half of Talent was left in ashes. Experts call the fire an urban conflagration, one that burned through dry grasslands, riparian areas with dense fuel loads and through urban areas with densely packed residences. In apocalyptic scenes, the town of Talent was left blanketed in a red flame retardant dropped by aerial firefighting efforts in hopes of saving the town. Three fatalities were reported, 3000 residents were displaced and nearly 3000 structures over a nine-mile area were destroyed."

#27 Ice Anatomy By Gheorghe Popa (Highly Commended In Series Category)

"Ice Anatomy is an aerial series of photos of Cuejdel Lake just before it froze completely. The fresh snow and the ice cracks created these shapes that resemble neurons or just cells. My project Ice Anatomy follows the transformations of the ice on the lake over several winters."

#28 The Kingdom Centre By George Steinmetz (Runner-Up In Urban Category)

"Standing 992 feet high, the Kingdom Centre was the tallest skyscraper in Saudi Arabia when completed in 2002—and is considered only the second to have been built in the country—but is now 5th on the list."

#29 Fast Food By Igor Altuna (Runner-Up In Wildlife Category)

"This photo was taken in Zambia. Two male lion brothers killed a buffalo, and after eating for a day they left the remains to the others."

#30 Hockney’s Pool By Louis Du Pisani (Highly Commended In Sports Category)

"A pool, which reminds me of the painter David Hockney, becomes a space of high command, intensity and flow ultimately becoming the origin of a skatepark. The bowl is sunken into the ground and its walls consist of transitions, a space where skill and flow is of utmost importance. In this fleeting moment you see a skater’s shadow reflecting total freedom. Adrenaline, speed, sweat, style and timing all colliding into an experience of release."

#31 Fishing In Mangrove Forest By Trung Pham Huy (1st Place In People Category)

"A fisherman starts his fishing day in the mangrove forest in the lagoon of Tam Giang in the Hue province. Mangroves lose all their leaves and turn white during the winter season."

#32 Collecting Water From Driedout Riverbeds By Sujon Adhikary (Highly Commended In People Category)

"Around 263 million people globally have access to water sources that are considered safe, but need to spend at least 30 minutes walking or queuing to collect their water. And the task of providing water for households falls disproportionately to women and girls, especially in rural areas."

#33 Dali's Dream By Ignacio Medem (Highly Commended In Abstract Category)

"An extraction in an arid terrain together with a cold white balance gives us back a figurative 8-finger hand, which would have been Dali's Dream."

#34 Follow Me By Pierluigi Orler (Runner-Up In Sports Category)

"I took this photo in Bernau, near the Black Forest. The snowcat was marking the new tracks after a snowfall, while two cross-country skiers trained behind him. The image has been overexposed to give this idea of evanescence."

#35 Correlation By Amirmahdi Najafloo Shahpar (Highly Commended In People Category)

"Muslim men and women in Hamedan, Iran pray for Eid al-Fitr. The last day of Ramadan is celebrated by Muslims throughout the world with prayers and special gatherings."

#36 Chessboard By Cezar Gabriel Popescu (Highly Commended In Abstract Category)

"Aerial view of a private beach in Mamaia. Seeing the aligned umbrellas, I was sure that the view from above would be interesting, once the shadows will be in the right spot. In order to take this shot I had to wait for the sun to be high enough in the sky."

#37 Plane In Love By Krzysztof Krawczyk (Highly Commended In Wedding Category)

"Abandoned plane and lovers on the wing of the plane. Another wedding abstraction combined with a sharp shadow gives a three-dimensional image."

#38 Boundless Sea Of Love By Wujiang Zhu (Runner-Up In Wedding Category)

"A unique location for the traditional pictures of a newly married couple, in the middle of a beautifully kept garden in the blooming season."

#39 Abstract Nature By Manuel Enrique González Carmona (Runner-Up In Series Category)

"Minerals, water and water currents are the ingredients with which nature creates these abstract and ephemeral landscapes. This canvas is actually a pond of toxic waste from a copper mine, located in the province of Huelva. These ephemeral formations will disappear with the next torrential rains and new waste inputs. After an initial human intervention, it never ceases to amaze me how nature moulds and paints with the different minerals and colors to create these abstractions worthy of the best abstract painters."

#40 Fairy Circles By George Steinmetz (Highly Commended In Wildlife Category)

"Zebra herd in the Namib Rand Nature Reserve in Namibia. The thin grasses here have a rare speckled pattern known as 'fairy circles,' a phenomena that is poorly understood. Grasses seem to grow higher on the inner rim of the circles due to less competition for water on the inside of the ring."

#41 "Wrong Way Buddy!" By John Cowpland (Highly Commended In Sports Category)

"A lone cyclist goes against the tide during the 'Big Easy' cycling event in Hawkes Bay. The event attracts hundreds to cycle the region's cycle paths on Easter weekend."

#42 Golf Court Stories By Tobias Froehner (Highly Commended In Wedding Category)

"Drone shot on a golf court with a great couple and a long veil. Very romantic but modern as well. Complemented by atmospheric light."

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Edited by Atrukos at 7-10-2021 06:16 PM

I really like these drone photos. They are very cool and atmospheric. I often look for royalty free images like this to use in my slideshows.

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