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Author: HangPC2

P.R.C China PLA & PAP (Police) Gallery and Discussion

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76 model 58 aperture 130mm twin mounts (56SM)

76 model 130mm twin mounts which are used as the fortress gun

Aperture 130mm
Length of tube 58 apertures
The number of guns 2 gates
Shell weight 27kg
Initial velocity 900m/s
Rate of fire 10 departure/minute (per 1 gates)
Range 29,000m
Angle of traverse 360゜
Behavior range -5~+89゜
Mount weight 40t

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T-100C 55 aperture 100mm single equipment gun

Aperture 100mm
Length of tube 55 apertures
The number of guns 1 gates
Shell weight 13.5kg
Initial velocity 870m/s
Rate of fire 90 departure/minute (per 1 gates)
Range 17,000m (anti- water) /6,000m (anti-aircraft)
Angle of traverse 360゜
Swing speed 50゜/s
Behavior range -15~+80゜
Behavior speed 35゜/s
Mount weight 17.3t
Gun member 2 names

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79 model 56 aperture 100mm twin mounts (PJ33)

79A type twin mount stealth seal (river defense II class frigate /053H3 type)

79A type (PJ33A) twin mount

79 model twin mount

Aperture 100mm
Length of tube 56 apertures
The number of guns 1~2 gate
Shell weight 16kg
Initial velocity 916m/s
Rate of fire 15 departure/minute (per 1 gates)  
Range 16,000m
Angle of traverse 360゜
Behavior range -5~+85゜
Mount weight 13.5t

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AK- 17,660 aperture 76.2mm single equipment gun

The type which adopts the stealth seal which is seen that it was developed on the Chinese side,

Aperture 76.2mm
Length of tube 60 apertures (accurately 59 apertures)
The number of guns 1 gates
Shell weight 6.8kg
Initial velocity 900m/s
Rate of fire 120 departure/minute
Range 15,500m (maximum), 11,000m (anti- water), 7,000m (anti-aircraft)
Angle of traverse 360゜
Behavior range +85゜
Mount weight 16.5t

The center shed diameter rapid fire which was developed in the old Soviet Union. The to regulation it is converted in 1977, production starts from 1979. In the Soviet navy it was used widely as naval guns of small-sized warships such as missile boat and patrol boat. Production was done go rickey city (present [nijini] [novugorodo] city) with. Height of rate of fire with feature as for discharge mode per minute selection is possible from 3 types of 30 departure, 60 departure and 120~130 departure. However after shooting at 120 departure/every minute gun cooling-off period of 25~30 amount becomes necessary. As for cooling the gun water cooling system. Control of the gun is done by the MP123-02 fire control system. This system is formed the bus tilt fire direction radar, optics (TV)/by the laser aiming mechanism. The scope usually under 45km and ECM environment 30km. As for weight of whole system 5.1t.

Those where for the first time this gun is loaded in the Chinese navy the crimson arrow model missile boat one 774 where is are the boat. After that, it was verified that the firing test of AK-176 which installs the stealth seal in the Chinese domestic research institute is executed. This seal because the stealth sealed type of AK-176 where recently use starts in the Russian navy form differs is thought as the Chinese individual development. This stealth sealed type AK-176 seems that is adopted the 054A model frigate and the new model landing ship which presently are under construction (071 types) as the main gun.

(Reference: Ship-based weapon handbook revision 2nd edition/greenery mountain military library /NavWeaps/ Chinese net)

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Unknow Sniper


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The Jian Hong-7 (JH-7, also known as FBC-1 Flying Leopard in its export form) is the two-seater, twin-engine fighter-bomber aircraft developed in the 1980s for the PLA Naval Air Force (PLANAF) as a surface strike plane. The main contractors are Xi’an-based 603 Aircraft Design Institute and Xi’an Aircraft Industry Corporation (XAC). The initial batch of 16~20 planes were delivered to the PLANAF in the mid-1990s for test and evaluation. The improved formal production variant JH-7A first flew in 2001 and entered service in 2004.

A PLA Naval Air Force (PLANAF) JH-7 #84 in flight training. The JH-7 is the first sophisticated fighter-bomber in service with the PLA. XAC built around 24 examples of the pre-production variant with 50 Spey Mk202 engines imported from Britain in the 1970s.

A naval air force JH-7 taking off from its base near Shanghai. Initially all JH-7s are based at Dachang naval airbase located at the east coast of China mainland, but the latest report indicated that some of these aircraft may have been redeployed to Yiwu naval airbase near the Taiwan Strait and Ledong naval airbase in Southern China.

The JH-7A fighter-bomber in service with the PLAAF 18th Air Division. The original JH-7 was developed as a maritime strike plane carrying anti-ship missiles, but the later development variant JH-7A is capable of precision strike capability against land targets.


Crew: Two (1 pilot and 1 weapon operator)
Wingspan: 12.8m
Length: 21.00m
Height: 6.22m
Maximum take-off weight: 27,500kg
Internal fuel: 6,540kg
Drop tanks: One 1,000kg + two 600kg; or three 1,000kg
Maximum speed: Mach 1.69 (at 11,000m)
Service ceiling: 16,000m
Range: Ferry range 3,650km, combat radius 1,650km

H-7 project started
Air force variant H-7 cancelled, and the naval variant H-7 continued at low speed
H-7 project resumed full speed
Six prototypes produced
14 Dec 1988
Maiden flight successful
First JH-7 delivered to PLANAF
First successful test fire of the YJ-8K from a JH-7
PLA ordered additional second-hand Spey engines from Rolls-Royce
Improved JH-7 first flew
JH-7A entered service

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J-xx 4th Generation Fighter

China’s two major fighter aircraft manufacturers, Shenyang Aircraft Industry Co. (SAC) and Chengdu Aircraft Industry Co. (CAC), are both working on advanced 4th generation fighter designs that could enter the PLAAF service as early as 2015. While Shenyang has been engaged in a brand new F/A-22-class stealth fighter design known as J-12, Chengdu has been focusing its development effort on an enlarged twin-engine stealth version of its J-10 fighter possibly designated J-13. Both development projects are believed to have benefited from Russian aviation and weapon technologies.


The Chinese aviation industry began the preliminary research for China’s 4th generation fighter programme in the mid-1990s. In 1998 the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) reported that an advanced F/A-22-class twin-engine stealth fighter known as J-12 was under development at Shenyang. Later in 2003 an Internet source photo revealed a fighter mockup for wind tunnel test which may be linked to the J-12 project. As more details of the fighter began to emerge, it was understood that the fighter will also be fitted with an internal weapon bay and possibly active phased array radar.

Considering China’s track record in combat aircraft development, a project like the J-12 may prove challenging. It will involves technology advancement in a number of fields including materials, high-performance aviation engine, electronics, flight control software, and stealth technologies. A project of this scale will also require huge amount of investment and considerable knowledge of complex project and manufacturing management. While China may be able to benefit from some “off-the-shelf” dual-use technologies available in the commercial market, it will almost definitely seek assistance from its traditional military technology suppliers such as Russia and Israel. However, none of these two countries possess the experience of developing an advance fighter of this class.

Russian Sukhoi Company (JSC), which has developed close ties with Shenyang over the licensed co-production of its Su-27SK fighter as J-11, has been reportedly working with Shenyang in developing the next-generation fighter technology and sub-systems. Although Russia has yet been able to develop an operational stealth fighter, the J-12 project may benefit from its technologies in two particular areas: thrust vectoring engine and stealth design.China may also seek potential partners from Russia, Israel and Europe to co-develop avionics and weapon suites for its 4th-generation fighter aircraft.


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U.S. official: Chinese test missile obliterates satellite

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- China last week successfully used a missile to destroy an orbiting satellite, U.S. government officials told CNN on Thursday, in a test that could undermine relations with the West and pose a threat to satellites important to the U.S. military.

According to a spokesman for the National Security Council, the ground-based, medium-range ballistic missile knocked an old Chinese weather satellite from its orbit about 537 miles above Earth. The missile carried a "kill vehicle" and destroyed the satellite by ramming it.

The test took place on January 11. (Watch why the U.S. has protested the missile strike Video)

Aviation Week and Space Technology first reported the test: "Details emerging from space sources indicate that the Chinese Feng Yun 1C (FY-1C) polar orbit weather satellite launched in 1999 was attacked by an asat (anti-satellite) system launched from or near the Xichang Space Center."

A U.S. official, who would not agree to be identified, said the event was the first successful test of the missile after three failures.

The official said that U.S. "space tracking sensors" confirmed that the satellite is no longer in orbit and that the collision produced "hundreds of pieces of debris," that also are being tracked.

The United States logged a formal diplomatic protest.

"We are aware of it and we are concerned, and we made it known," said White House spokesman Tony Snow.

Several U.S. allies, including Canada and Australia, also have registered protests.

Under a space policy authorized by President Bush in August, the United States asserts a right to "freedom of action in space" and says it will "deter others from either impeding those rights or developing capabilities intended to do so."

The policy includes the right to "deny, if necessary, adversaries the use of space capabilities hostile to U.S. national interests."

Low Earth-orbit satellites have become indispensable for U.S. military communications, GPS navigation for smart bombs and troops, and for real-time surveillance. The Chinese test highlights the satellites' vulnerability.

"If we, for instance, got into a conflict over Taiwan, one of the first things they'd probably do would be to shoot down all of our lower Earth-orbit spy satellites, putting out our eyes," said John Pike of, a Web site that compiles information on worldwide security issues.

"The thing that is surprising and disturbing is that [the Chinese] have chosen this moment to demonstrate a military capability that can only be aimed at the United States," he said.


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wa ada baca juga komen-komen china berjaya test ASAT dia.  hebat juga ya.  tak ada pula kata-kata china reverse engineer teknologi ASAT tu.

uncle sam protest.  kanada dan australia juga protest.  gamaknya depa realise makna kejayaan china nie dalam unjuran kuasa dunia.  siapa yang ada dan dapat mengawal maklumat pasti bertemu kejayaan.  dalam kes nie, 'maklumat' nie lebih kepada 'intelligence', transmission dan rangkaian maklumat.

US mesti nak counter threat nie.  apa agaknya depa nak buat.  mungkin kita dapat lihat satu hari nanti ada battle star kat atas tu.

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January 22, 2007
China restricts surveying, mapping by foreigners

By Aseel Kami and Ross Colvin
BEIJING (Reuters) - China issued rules on Monday restricting foreigners' surveying and mapping activities in the country, citing national security concerns, according to state media.

The official Xinhua news agency cited a new regulation by the Ministry of Land and Resources as saying foreigners would be forbidden from conducting land surveys, aerial photography, mapping of administrative borders and drawing navigational maps.

Foreigners are required by existing law to cooperate with Chinese partners in conducting surveying or mapping, Xinhua said.

The new regulation stipulates that they need to obtain central government approval before carrying out such work and must let local governments supervise them, it said.

The Chinese partners or translators of foreign surveyors and mappers would be fined if they "fail to stop" illegal mapping activities, Xinhua said without elaborating.

It cited the ministry as saying that many surveying projects were carried out by foreigners illegally, constituting a threat to national security. The ministry did not specify how many such cases it had discovered.

The regulation comes after a warning from the State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping last year that foreigners who conducted illegal surveys or published such data without permission would face harsh penalties.

That warning followed the deportation of two Japanese scholars doing unauthorised research on an airport and water facilities in the remote far west. Xinhua said at the time that their results could potentially be put to military use.

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KT-2 Missle (China ASAT 2)

Anti-Satellite Weapon

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WS10A Turbofan Engine ''Taihang''


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Wz10,another New Toy For Pla, after J10


PLA WZ-10 look like eurocopter tiger attack helicopter (though less aethetically in my opinion)



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Somebody mustahave handover the Tigre or Mungusta blueprint to the Chinese..

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WZ-10 Attack Helicopter

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The WZ10B is a beautiful bird..not unlike the commanche..bravo China!!

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Not all the WZ-10 pics are real.

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Not suprise at all as China had produced Eurocopter (formerly name Aerospatiale) Dauphin or Panther than name Z-9 for their maritime patrol.

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T82 20mm AA

T82 connected equipment 20㎜ machine gun

T82F type of fixed installation type

T82T type of towed

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WZ-10 attack helicopter

WZ-10 (the military affairs direct 10) China the country is the attack helicopter which is developed. Presently WZ-10 has delivered 3 machines which [chiyanhe] aircraft industry made on an experimental basis to the Chinese troop, 2 machine among those has done the encounter flight test. It seems that the test team of WZ-10 does the flight test of 400 hours or more already.

If the chinese flight test facility (CFTE) with according to the photograph of WZ-10 which was photographed, it is something which affirms the rumor that, the main rotor is turning being 5 blades, clockwise, as for this China receiving the cooperation of the [yurokoputa] corporation, attaches the gear & the box of the [agusuta] corporation. In addition WZ-10 on the fuselage both side new has equipped the machine gun which was developed in the nose with the fixed wing shortly. In the fixed wing it seems that the antitank missile plural can be equipped. The wire cutter is installed between the tandem type cockpits. The external form has been similar to the Italian [agusuta] A129 [mangusuta] attack helicopter well.

So far because the west side equipment which is supplied as one for WZ-10 was sold being equipped as the one for CMH plan of the private helicopter, as for the special export license there was no necessity. As for design job of CMH plan presently continuously the time, the design of WZ-10 is seems that is common with CMH. The plan of WZ-10 is advanced much than CMH plan, but as for the WZ9 turbo shaft which is selected in on-board engine schedule is late several years than schedule of beginning. Pratt & the Whitney Canadian corporation which are the supply corporation of this engine PT6C-67 (1,679shp) have prepared 2nd [batsuji] amount as a substitution, 10 bases are already delivered to China.

(Reference: Military research /JDW/Chinese Defence Today)

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