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BOPE - 15 Pictures Proving That Nature Never Fails To Amaze Us

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Post time 3-1-2022 12:39 AM | Show all posts |Read mode

We all have seen paintings of artists and seen their unrealistic imagination expressed on a canvas, and thought to ourselves, where is this craziness coming from.

We are used to the ordinary, quiet, and calming nature we often turn to soothe our soul, but nature can go beyond that sometimes.

That landscape we see on a canvas can get even wilder in real life, and if you don’t believe us, below is a collection of pictures that is proof of nature’s wonders.

LINK - 15 Pictures Proving That Nature Never Fails To Amaze Us

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 Author| Post time 3-1-2022 12:39 AM | Show all posts
1. A futuristic cloud

2. A lighting tree

3. Lenticular clouds look like some kind of caramel coating.

4. These creatures are called Physalia and their poison is deadly for humans

5. Fly Geyser, Black Rock Desert, Nevada

6. Danakil Depression, Ethiopia

7. Thor’s Well

8. Di you know there are colorful mountains in Zhangye Danxia Landform, China?

9. Martian water anybody?

10. Giants Causeway

11. The Japanese blood pond

12. It will look like a photograph retouched with Photoshop, but no. The ducks in the picture are real and the multicolored hydrangea flowers are real too

13. Lake Baikal, Russia

14. There are no trees in the Atacama desert. Only flowers and rare bushes adorn this impressive place. In fact, it is believed that in the Sahara there is much more water than here

15. This beautiful tree is called Tseanotus

16. Water, rays of light, and a rainbow lake in the middle of the forest!



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 Author| Post time 3-1-2022 09:30 AM | Show all posts
trunks replied at 3-1-2022 04:50 AM
gambar yang ni macam gambar banjir  

kesian mangsa banjir baru2 ni
camne le dema nk mulakn balik hidup lepas semua reta benda, rumah musnah

sedih, ada yg mati, ada yg hilang
rasa serik nk bela lagi
skrg tggal 5 ekor je
semua duk dlm rumah je, takut hilang lagi

user saya moderator, bkn bigbos
tkde masalah apa klu nak tepek utube
tapi rasanya dh boleh kan?
tgk ada id yg oldtimer dh blh tepek video, gmbor

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 Author| Post time 3-1-2022 12:54 PM | Show all posts
trunks replied at 3-1-2022 11:24 AM
tempat sya johor ni tengah banjirla ni,saya tau area sini banjir teruk nya,tu sebablah
saya memang ...

tgk dlm fb, sana teruk jgk skrg
byk jgk jalan dh ditutup
rumah org tua ok ke?
tk duk sekali dgn dema kan?

medal ada tapi skrg mod lagi
ntah bila nk turun
takut jgk kot turun nnt, ada masalah balik
cuma skrg ni masalahnya tk teruk mcm dulu
dulu kalu, semua bod tkleh masuk
setakat blh online je

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 Author| Post time 4-1-2022 04:56 PM | Show all posts
trunks replied at 4-1-2022 05:16 AM
semalam syukur tak hujan sini,tapi,air masih melimpah2,ada banyak rumah tenggelam
yang area rendah  ...

kena hati2 jgk wpun kawasan tinggi
bkn apa, takut terkepung nnt bila keliling kawasan rendah banjir

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